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Since 65 years in GEOHAS we think about the value added chain of real estate. This shapes our doing. We experienced possibilities and dangers in times of growing and falling standard values and we passed this knowledge to the younger generation. We know, how the world looks like from the buyer's and seller's view. This shaped the frame conditions of our handling of real estate assets. The results were service products with a defined content and a fixed price, which give value for their money. In the last years we succeeded in downsizing our own costs on average to 4.5 % of the added value by our work.

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  • Real Estate Guide Book
    • Prop Scan®, a tabulated list of the existing conditions
    • Development Assessment, a written review of the legal possibilities for the development of the real estate
  • Strategic property concept
  • Strategic portfolio
  • Mortgaging concept and cleaning of the ground register
  • Private land consolidation
  • Optimization of the shape of the plots
  • Control of the wording of contracts and negotiation results
  • Support of B-Plan procedures (Devel-opment of legally binding land use