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Preserevation of evidence and monitoring are based on the time related surveys of any situation. This survey can be performed by polar (tachymetrical), orthogonal measurements, the data can be collected by laser scan or laser slam, the information can be presented by survey photograph, panorama photo or Ortho-photo. The conclusiveness may not be reduced by further processing.

orthodach kamin
Ortho of a roof landscape Monitoring per drone

The monitoring is intended to record and document time-varying processes. In that regard the stochastics, which means the interaction of random or systematic errors, is the crucial factor for the quality of the result.

The picture on the right is a coloured laser-scan for
the determining of advertizing spaces. If such a
scan will be equipped with control points, it can
serve as a monitoring device. By continuous
repetition it will discharge into an effective
monitoring. The result can be certified publicly
for the reference before a court.