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Base for the building permission

GEOHAUS created the exemplary site-plan for North-Rhine-Westphalia in 1976, 1985 an 1990 and the new German states in the nineties. It became a benchmark – half a million times dispersed. This product was continuously refined with the goal to present a completely reliable planning basis to the architect, an exact control basis to the building owner and a secure basis to the building authority issuing the official building permission.

Three different site-plan products are proven since a long time and mean:

LPL1= minimum indications in accordance with the BauPruefVO NRW for a simple building,

LPL2 = minimum indications for legal compliant implementation of the building

LPL3 = LPL2 + subterranean pipes plus complex matters

In 2016 we added the “Site-plan P”: The client or his entitled persons are allowed to load up our siteplan as a pdf-file on their screen and can view the panoramas at indicated points of the plot. For the architect it is a great relief, for the building authority it is a great plus in security. The panoramas are stored securely in the cloud and immune against fakes. This property is the basis for the public certification by a public appointed surveyor in accordance to § 3 (3) BauPruefVO NRW.


Publicly certified results are not time-barred. This made us create the site-plans with thoroughgoing.

All official surveys will be certified publicly by a public appointed surveyor selected by the client.

Inter alia

  • Site-plan for planning purposes (LPL1, LPL2, LPL3, site-plan P)
  • Siteplan for the building application (LAM), Site-plan for public easements
  • Restoration of a property border
  • Public certifications of facts concerning real estate for official agencies or courts
  • Division of plots
  • Cadastral building surveys