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The cross-linking of devices, machines, sensors and men is already beginning. The result is a seamless communication between the sensor to the internet, workforce and fleet management and of course theft protection as well as personal protection. The application software of the “System GEO-box” makes it possible ( Sensor & Telemetry)

route ziele

Consequent Implementation of Sensor Technology: With a consequent and targeted utilization of sensor technology You get a grip on all movements on an around the construction site. The time-dependant results hang in the three-dimensional net. Quantity survey, delivery and reception as well as the complex order execution become transparent. Sensors control the success.

Contemporary Surveys - The tachymetry is the predominant survey method, but Laserscan, Laserslam, survey photos and the drone (UAV) as carrier are strongly coming up. The utilization of Big Data in the form of point clouds or orthophotos and their operative implementation in 2- or 3- dimensional results (buildings, landscapes, floorplans, profiles or quantity survey) is advancing quickly.

iso rheinufer solidfassade
3D-construction drawing Rhine bank as a survey photo Facade as a solid


Trusted Living Pointcloud: Such a permanent monitoring by a point–cloud collected by laser–slam is a new, precious tool for the actualization of the Building Information Modeling or the creation of conventional construction drawings. Progressively collected point clouds are separated by different colors or they are shown on the background of the planning situation and inform clearly about the deviations from the target situation or any other situation.

schn treppenhaus 3dkirche 3dscan
Trusted Living Pointcloud
and design
3D-Scan created by photos
taken from the drone
3D Laserscan


Groundplan and profile stem from a mobile laser slam survey.
It is a quick and an effective method for creating building designs and profiles. It is as well an outstanding method to monitor the building during its formation process and to match the actual results with the original planning.

grundriss schnitt
floorplan section

The accuracy grades follow the DIN 18710 – 1 – 2 – 3. Surface areas and volumes are to be calculated according to DIN 277 01 – 03.