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dangerousThe DIN 69901 – 5/2009 defines a project as an intention, which is mostly characterized by the singularity of its conditions as a whole. Temporal, factual, financial, personal and occasional limitations have to be considered. That applies as well for the sequent survey control so far, serving as data deliverer and controller for the site manager.



Over the decades the sequent survey control has developed to a chain of necessary, often incoherent services. On the construction site many people work together and parallel with experts outside. The most dangerous incidents for the succeeding of the building are the unexpectedly occurring breaking points of information between disciplines, subcontractors or experts and other participating people. Thes breaks shall be avoided by the “GEOhaus – System Control GEOMETRY”.
It combines the former chain of services to a consistent production process with an entrenched choreography of information transfer for all entitled, participating persons and as a control instrument for the site-manager, the architect and the building owner.