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  • The System Geobox enables location based services in front of actual maps – online.
  • Who does what, when, where and with which result in real-time?
  • Locating, tracking with GPS or GLONASS, in future GALILEO.
  • Simultaneous acquisition and processing of sensors of most different nature,
  • i.e. for green band driving and the management of complex planning and invoicing
  • of an unlimited number of vehicals, teams, containers or other mobile goods including the sensors used.
  • Configuration – of course over the cloud;
  • All teams and their movement in view: real time – predisposing!
  • Automatic adjustment of setpoint value and actual value and direct intervention!
  • Complete evidence – even in case of a sporadic breakdown of GSM.

 Schwarm-Daten mit der GEObox