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GEOhaus was busy with sensor systems and telemetry since the 70s of the last century. Planarity controls of areas and walls and the metrological coupling of crane and rails. 1982 GPS and later GLONASS came about and in 1996 we built the first GEOMETER. 2004 finally the system GEObox was initiated.

geobox2  CargoportAccess Control

The System GEObox bundles sensors, telemetry and software and makes the procedures inside the vehicle and in the logistic swarm visible. The diversity and the benefit for the user are surprising. The system optimizes the value chain in diverse logistic branches including the accounting processes.

The system CARGOPORT uses lasers, cameras and sensors for measuring bulk materials on different carriers. It identifies securely the carriers and measures the masses very exact; as well it delivers fotos from above on the carriers.

The Access Control (perimeter of security) identifies all coming vehicles concerning their entitlement to enter the secured area and guides the illegally entered vehicle out of the area.