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In our division of valuation of real estates we offer a variety of products following national and international regulations.


It begins with the “Fly-By-valuations”, mostly used by banks for small credits, we present special valuations i.e. for mortgaging, for the taxation or cases of succession to large evaluations of  big commercial and residential property. It goes without saying that the expertises can be performed in English, German or French. It is daily business to issue market value reports, mortgage lending value reports or reports for the insurance industry, sometimes expertises for the defence of wrongful tax demands and very often expertises for courts. Many times we are asked to give evidence to the question of rentable areas following different scales and regulations like GIF, MF-G, DIN 277, BGF or others.



High quality is asked for making papers for the legal establishment of  condominiums. As Built Surveys for different purposes belong to the preservation of evidence, for the results are certificated by the Public Authorized Surveyor.



  • Fly – By – evaluation
  • Market value reports
  • Special Expertises
  • Mortgage landing value reports
  • Evidence of rentable areas
  • Condominium papers
  • Certified As built survey
  • Preservation of Evidence