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High Rack ± 1.5 [mm] Laser-optical Alignment ± 0.007 [mm]


The precise measurement techniques need the top skills in our profession. To measure a distance or a direction or even the determination of a height difference in a high accuracy is a complex operation with a lot of arrangements and physical influences to be taken into account.

Our qualified team provides the proficiency knowing a lot of technical finesses as well as the necessary computer technology.

The latest control procedure is the “High Rack Inspect” for the building and the inspection of high racks. With this technique we guarantee steel building tolerances of better than ± 1,5 [mm].

With the laser-optical alignment we reach accuracies of some [µ].

With the laserscanning we produce a data cloud, which encases the outer shell of technical and natural objects. This makes the outer space measurable i.e. for the installation of additional machines. This leads to many surprising results.


  • Metrology
  • Laser-optical Alignment
  • Laserscanning
  • High Rack Inspect
  • Rail way analysis
  • Crane way analysis
  • Deformation determination
  • Long term measurements