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The comprehensive compendium consists of five modules with the key parameters showing real estate content, development and commercial importance as well as an assessment of the contamination risk. Interdisciplinary experts are involved.

Existing Conditions (Prop Scan®)

Tabulated information about

  • Ownership rights,
  • Cadastral geometry and title records,
  • Cadastral usage categories,
  • Local master plan characteristics,
  • easements, encumbrances, liens and other real estate appurtenances
  • utility service maps, capacities and status.

Development  Assessment
A professional and objective review of the complete legal and regulatory environment associated with a site and opinion regarding the relative feasibility of obtaining regulatory approvals. It is based on relevant historic approvals, applicable federal-, state- and local codes and knowledge of the local political climate.

Environmental Assessment
Site Assessment (ground, ground water)

  • On site investigation by a person with local expertise,
  • Review of historic land use and applicable designations by environmental regulatory authorities,
  • Soil and groundwater description,
  • Assessment of investment risk factors imposed by  the soil protection act.
  • Existing Buildings:
    Assessment of potential viewshed and/or air pollution issues associated with the proposed use and/or alteration or demolition of existing structures.

Remediation Assessment
Professional assessment of the nature and extent of corrective environmental measures likely to be required to address issues concerning soil and groundwater identified in the Environmental Assessment.

Total Risk Assessment
Overall assessment of the investment risk, utilization risk and the assessment of de-creases of the market value.