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Work-spaces become measurable

Not all leaders in industry and commerce have understood, that investment in

1. Step: works card material
2. Step: Plant Cadastre
3. Step: Plant GIS

will be amortized quicker than any other action in the firm. Whereas the first two steps will stimulate the maintaining and the planning activities and lesser the day-to-day operation, at least the 3rd step gives evidence, that production and logistic ca harvest great advantages, not to speak about the business administration, which on a sudden receives a gliding information to all investments inclusively the accounting evaluation and maintains a strong grasp on the whole data system at any given moment.

Card Material for premises: two-dimensional view on the topographic situation with additional information in form of alphanumeric, symbolical icons.
A legend key shows the content of the information. The frame is set by the own-ership boundaries. The information is given in 2 D or 2 ½ D. But the epoch of such card material is over. The material has been followed by the plant cadastre.

interdiziplinPlant Cadastre / Works Cadastre: It usually consists of a multi-layer CAD – Design, which is thematically organized.

The legend key can by dynamic. The information is given in 2 D or 2 ½ D.
GEOHAUS – ACAD comprises many programs on the basis of AUTOCAD, which kept up with the times over 30 years and provided the information in an up-to-date form.

Plant-GIS / Works-Geo-Information System (GIS): it is a two or three-dimensional graphic, relational information system consisting of graphic objects, combined with a data base for the non-graphic information. The legend key is dynamic. The progress compared with the works cadastre consists in the possibility, to initiate technical, graphic, statistic and communicative actions with great performance.
GEOhausGIS is a complex tool, which can be adapted to all business requirements. It can be used for planning, construction, production planning, production, logistics and as a flexible substructure for the balance.

Infrastructure - Suprastructure

To harvest full benefits of the works-GIS it needs interdisciplinary expertise, as we enjoy in GEOHAUS to provide. For being effective deeply in the balance of the factory we subdivide i.e. between infrastructure and suprastructure and can adapt the relating elements to the specific balance positions.Infrastructure - Suprastructure

The two specific notions mean the following:

Infrastructure: Infrastructure facilities are the indispensible basic structure of a factory. As far as they are provided by the public institutions, their costs can be measured in consumption costs. As far as the public infrastructure is privately amended, capital costs and consumption costs are arising.
The interface between infrastructure and suprastructure can be specified there, where different productions or services are set up on the infrastructure without producing a need to change them.

Suprastructure: The surprastrucure is built upon the infrastrucure. Its charac-teristics are, that suprastructure is not permanently locally fixed and alterable in terms of utilization. The suprastructure can consist of buildings, machines, trucks or facilities, which are used for production or service purposes. The suprastructure is the infrastructure of the utilizing organization. It may consist of movable and non – movable parts.