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Saarner Kuppe, with an amount of space of 54 ha, is the most growing development area of Mülheim.


Our sphere of activity and our experience range from evaluation of an urban concept through the planning of development, the escort of legal land-use-plan procedures and the conception of urban contracts to the official end of the development. Legal land-use-plans nowadays need a procedural management, not to lose sight of the efficiency. GEOHAUS puts the technical and legal problems in an interdisciplinary way into legally secure action with sound and professional formulation for the omplementation of the developer’s objectives. The GEOHAUS – portal www.geohaus-online.de promotes transparency and simultaneousness of the information for all authorized participants. It is the base of the cooperation and it creates high quality of the common results of all participants. .


  • Process management and supervision of the B-Plan process,
  • Urbanistic model,
  • Explanatory statement of the B-Plan,
  • Creation of the textual stipulations,
  • Coordination of the expert opinions and negotiations with the local politics,
  • Elaboration of the suggestions with proposals for the assessment,
  • Creation of the official documents for the city council and its committees,
  • Full supervision of the development with
    • Development contracts
    • Development planning
    • Construction supervision
    • Assistance during tenders
    • Basics for the inspections
    • Photorealistic visualization