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Blick in den Stahlbau

Last year GEOHAUS was asked to do measurements and Evaluations all over Europe. At present a new cold storage house is being built south of Moscow. It has a processing temperature inside of – 21 degree Celsius. The weather temperatures differ about 60 degree Celsius over the year. This phenomenon and the mass acceleration during the work inside mean a great challenge for the steel construction. The special achievement of the GEOHAUS High Rack Inspect procedure is that the special structure fits better than ± 1,5 [mm] with the planning. Under such conditions the force deflection by static malfunction is minimal. Please contact: Dipl.-Ing. Lars Gerdau Tel +49 208 45000 20.


The management level of Hansa Luftbild came to Klosterheide invited by Geohaus for a three days conclave in the little village of Klosterheide (Brandenburg). The goal was to focus the goals of the company for the future. The fruitful discussions lead to large working tasks for the coming summer. At the 2nd day leading people of Geohaus and Geosat came along to find out fields of cooperation between both groups. Of course both groups fought in mixed groups in practical and (brain-) acrobatics on the near Wutz – Lake



In the official publication of the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce (ECACC) volume 1 / 2009 Dr. Otmar Schuster published an article about the “Property Market in Germany”. He describes the special conditions of the real estates market in Germany with the distinctiveness of the German mixture of private and public law. He emphasizes the good chances of secure and durable investments in property in Germany



Tuesday, the 19th may 2009 GEOHAUS acquired the Majority and with that the entrepreneurial leader-ship of the international mapmaker HANSA LUFTBILD AG. The entrepreneurial goal of GEOHAUS, the “House of Geoinformation” is to grow in a size of international standing.

The need of Geoinformation in the economy grows rapidly. But this growth is very specific and characterized by price decline of traditional products and a quickly growing variety of new products. World-wide systems like Google or Microsoft habituate their users to geoinformation. On the other hand the existing map information – with the exception of the cadastral map in many countries – did not succeed to become an instantaneous base of economic decisions. Still nowadays the alphanumeric documents are the most important base of decisions in the economy. GEOHAUS made some important steps for the upgrading of geoinformation as a short way to decisions of decision makers. HANSA LUFTBILD produces manifold high tech products using sensor systems over big areas. Therefore the products of both groups are supplementary to each other. The new entrepreneurial policy shall cross-fertilize the Marketing, sale and distribution as well as the international activities of both.


Unsufficient Result of a Stake Out“Stake out” means the transfer of planned geometry into the nature - mostly the building site. Its result contains of a topological sketch and of the nails on the profile board. These nails give the user a picture of an accuracy of about 2 to 3 [mm]. The DIN 18202 Norm mentions a threshold of 20 to 30 [mm] for upcoming discrepancies at the raw building. So nothing can go wrong!? Far wrong! If such discrepancies shall go below this limit, the survey result is not allowed to be bigger than 7 to 10 [mm]. This again means that a shortfall of an accuracy of ± 5 [mm], the most of which is normally needed for the identification accuracy of the points of origin. The “GEOHAUS Stake Out” consists of 22 single steps with a lot of measures to hold off the different risks.