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At the 21st and 22nd April 2016 the 2nd polis – Convention takes place in the impressive surroundings of the old forge halls of the Boehler Areal in Duesseldorf. Real Estate economy and communities there discuss about intrinsic values of urban developments and they want to show, that sustainability is not only a speech balloon. GEOhaus is there in a good company bringing investors into the area.

The civic foundation "Bürgerstiftung Mülheim an der Ruhr" honours Dr. Otmar Schuster with the first civic award in a ceremonial act. The award was presented by Frank Lenz, president of the foundation.


Article courtesy of the "WAZ" (24.02.2016)

Diagram geohaus-onlineThe electronic data room www.geohaus-online.de has been in use for more than ten years and being improved constantly.

The advantages are easily recognizable at the first glance:
All project participants have the identical information. But the way of use is so simple, that even inexperienced users can handle it.


The German BGH decided on a topic, which is important for tenants and lessors (BGH, Az.VIII ZR 266/14). He declares that the actual geometric area in [m²] of a rental space is relevant for the tenancy and this even if the difference between the actual geometric area in [m²] and the area mentioned in the contract is less than the old tolerance threshold of ± 10 %.

For both, tenant and lessor it is now important to decide, which regulation shall be the base of the contract DIN277/283, Wohnflächenverordnung (WoFlVO) or GIF (M/W). GEOhaus – area determinations are transparent and reproducible. The result can be established on request as an official deed.


Karola Geiss-Netthoefel

The head of the Regional Association Ruhr (RVR) Mrs. Karola Geiss-Netthoefel, visited GEOHAUS at the 12.11.2015. The visit was part of her work in terms of economy promotion and was planned since the EXPO-REAL.

It was a good opportunity to exchange ideas about the geo-information occurences in the region. General topics were the GEOHAUS contributions to the international economic relations, the interdisciplinary knowhow in terms of real estate development and the sensor related innovations for economy and climate protection as well as their benefit for the region.


Doctoral supervisor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Förstner and Co-examiner Prof. Dr. Ciryll Stachniss (both University Bonn) are pulling the toy wagon with the newly crowned Dr.-Ing. Hanns-Florian Schuster along the Nussallee in Bonn up and down, accompanied by loudly rattling guests, students and passers-by.

The old custom makes the people smile throwing off the load from the candidates shoulders. His doctoral thesis “Image Interpretation of Areal images with learned graphical models” can be downloaded and studied soon from the part “publications” of this website.


dr foerstner

Russische Forscher auf REDUSDr. Maxim Altyntsev und Dr. Andrey Ivanov worked for two weeks in the Competence Center REDUS in Wegberg-Wildenrath together with their colleagues from GEOHAUS and AGIT and invited by the GEOHAUS-Consortium.

Mayoress Dagmar Muehlenfeld visits the EXPO – booth of the City of Muelheim, Muelheim & Business GmbH, MWB Muelheimer Wohnungsbau eG and GEOHAUS and studies the new GEOHAUS brochure as one of her last official acts after two successful election periods.

GEOHAUS is greatful for 12 years good cooperation. Mrs Mühlenfeld honours the performance of GEOHAUS and is delighted about the entrance of HANSA LUFTBILD AG into the GEOHAUS-Group. This makes Muelheim a little more international as well.




The GALIL-EU group (Agit GmbH, Aachen, GEOHAUS Mülheim an der Ruhr, Hochschule Bochum and ITAPS, Polen) was pleasantly surprised, getting a nice compliment from Brussels after having finalized the last documents:

„I take the opportunity to thank all parties and the coordinator for their excellent work and the smooth project execution. Best regards HUGO ZUNKER, Policy Officer”