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Just as planned at the 1st February Martina Tennagels (right), head of the ÖbVI – section in the district government Düsseldorf welcomed Martina M. Busch for the declaration on oath as Public Appointed Surveyor. Mrs. Busch...


Almost lost was the GEOHAUS- team Darius Suwala and Kristina Berning in the huge warehouse (500 m * 250 m) in Indianapolis, USA. Their assignment prepared the high precision installation of racks. If the specifications are falling short of ± 1.5 [mm], a good quality management and principled working is necessary.

Moscow, Istanbul, Copenhagen or London had been places of such work. The tasks are almost always different, but the technical and organizational requirements are always high. Thanks to the Internet, synchronous monitoring often takes place in GEOHAUS in Mülheim, Germany.



The state government NRW announces the finalization of the geodetic reference system. Sensational, that site and height of a structure for the first time can be determined in a consistent system. In addition the system is uniformly designed over Germany! This is scientifically and economically profitable. It is possible now to follow the smallest movements of the earth's surface. Its areas of higher movement activity are gradually getting apparent. For the work on the building site we have a new situation: Long levellings for connection can avoided. To supply exact elevation their absolute difference and the stochastic of the new heights must be taken into account. The site coordinates in x and y have modified their absolute values only for some millimeters but he accuracy is improved significantly.

These coordinates after all have the mathematical characteristics, that a 100 m long building between Duisburg and Dortmund gets distorted for some 5 cm. That is why the Geohaus – siteplan is constructed in the "coordinate system 999", which means "uniform measure". This property is as well meaningful for the upcoming BIM (Building Information Modeling).


EXPO REAL (Munich) and INTERGEO (Hamburg) announce: Building Information Modeling gains in significance. It is politically anchored and will definitively come. The NRW - State minister Michael Groschek and Lord Mayor Ulrich Scholten had announced their visit on the stand of GEOHAUS to obtain information about the content and progress of the new technique. GEOHAUS concentrates on the data capturing of existing buildings as starting point of the BIM – application (Instant BIM)



We make everything possible like the Sicilian friend before us – but with a little more quality and security!

GQM – Geohaus-quality management.

„It's a force, it has a momentum", "enormous wealth of information", that's what the architects more or less were going to sound, when they first saw the new product "siteplan P". Every corner of the plot can be floodlighted. Each panorama can be connected with every sort of siteplan – in this case with an official floor map.

Every authorized user can download this excellent geo-information from www.geohaus-online.de. The building owner benefits from a comprehensive planning and a shortened time for the building permit.



Our platform www.geohaus-online.de can be received now by every smart phone. The advantage for the user is, that he can view and download even complex designs on his mobile. Therefore You can supply Your clients or staff members with building designs or even with three dimensional point clouds or panoramic views. The handling is extremely simple, a result of the many years of successful use by our clients.

Screenshot Dateiliste Screenshot Punktwolke

Screenshot Lageplan


The magnificent bouquet of cut flowers in this week was the "thank you" of a client for adding a considerable value to a real estate. For this we do not only understand the evaluation "forward & backward", national & international, but we understand the niceties of the regulations for planning and building. In this way we achieve best-fitting conceptions for large and small real estate on behalf of proprietors, purchasers, architects and the real estate industry.


This year, GEOhaus was part of the polis Convention, the fair for urban development in Northrhine Westphalia. GEOhaus was located on the booth of the Metropole Ruhr neighboured to the other towns of the Ruhr area.
One of the news that were shown was the panorama camera. It helps to document the sites and buildings of our clients in a better way. It´s images are connected to the site plans so that every user can orientate himself in 3D without leaving the office.

Click on the photo and dive into the 3rd dimension of the exhibition hall.