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In order to compensate for the shortage of personnel of the city administration, the contact circle of the Mülheim architects and the Geohaus GbR joined forces to fill this gap for the Mülheim citizen. The advice is free; a small donation of 5 € for a good cause is requested. According to the existing qualifications and the questions that have arisen so far, the following areas are covered: land and building use (also KITA questions), permissibility of development projects within built-up areas, building in the undeveloped outskirts area, nature and landscape protection, garden and landscape planning, the river as legal object and the danger of over-flood, housing and part ownership, Property value object, rights to land - public and private, the neighbour and his rights.

Bauberatung im Geohaus
Consulting group: (from the left)) Hanns F. Schuster, Martina Busch, Bodo Hermann, Kristina Berning, Judith Habig, Klaus Voigt, Ulrike Schwarz, Helmut Fox, Richard Mandel