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The expert community of the geo-information has to deal with two expressions, which in case of their realization will release enormous impact on the structures and modus operandi of the community.

Contract and Blockchain

Pushed ahead by bankers (UBS et al) the transaction of “smart contracts” shall be performed in a second without the help of any intermediary or agents on the basis of Block Chain. The wide range of databases connected shall bring the security of the procedure.

„Fit for purpose“ is a policy, already proved in many fields. Meanwhile it is endorsed by big help organizations as well for the implementation in cadastre and ground book area. This is based on the experience, that nationwide property systems often do not lead to the necessary, long term security in the daily application. The organizations hope that by establishing small systems (i.e. village based) by crowd sourcing and using techniques for everybody they will get less costly results with less corruption.

Crowd sourcing for cadastral work

Against both developments there still major objections in the community.