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Even for the expert it is difficult to visualize the reality correctly:

It’s definite: Low interest rates improve the affordability.

It’s definite: Rented old buildings find their clients because of missing alternatives in the investment sector. They often pay prices, which cannot be deduced from the renting market.

It’s definite: Investors are finding new buildings in the 7 German top cities, but the prices cannot be deduced from the renting market.

It’s definite: The rental rates in the hinterland did not grow but the incidental rental costs. They do not justify concerning their level any new construction.

It’s definite: Small developers cannot fulfill the conditions of the new credit guideline „WohnimmobilienKreditrichtlinie“. This impedes the construction economy

It’s definite: Public housing shows the greatest needs? No, in many towns the list of legitimated renters is “Zero”.

It’s definite: The B-Plans are too costly.

It’s definite: Regardless all that: The construction business is growing again.

It’s definite: Political and economic interest groups put up smokescreens to escalate public or private investment.

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