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We are all aware of the fact, that cars, mobiles and other technical items get improvements from day to day. So do the products and service products of GEOHAUS. The youngest innovation concerns our siteplans:

We have the well proven products
LPL1 = showing the minimum conditions for legal building applications
LPL2 = a basis for a secure and good planning,
LPL3 = a basis with all utilities and additional topographical items for best planning

The important improvement concerns all three products:
  1.  We make the wobbliness of the property boundary to the neighbour visible. With this new feature you can identify the wobbliness at the first glance on the breadth of the line.
  2. There is also an innovation in the METADATA:
The METADATA show the accuracy of measurements, tap and calculation, but also the accuracy of point identification around the little old house: The point identification relating to the cadastre depend on the map or coordinate basis of the siteplan. In this case here you can see that the building parcel has two accuracies ± 2 cm and ± 20 cm, which means that the borderlines around the parcel stem from two different origins.


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