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Gespenst Digitalisierung

The meritorious Institute for Employment Research and Labor of the Federal Employment Agency in Dortmund uses its job futurometer to calculate how much of a job could be lost through digitization (https://job-futuromat.iab.de). For the surveying engineer they spontaneously come to 55%.

On January 25, Prime Minister Juergen Kretschmann received a certificate, which nominated him a senator of the business entrepreneurs group “Wir Eigentümer”. The laudation was held by the chairman of the Asia-Pacific / German economy, Dr. Hubert Lienhard in the exquisite castle of Hohenheim.

As part of the „Smart Rail Inspector“ research project, GEOhaus in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institut für Mikroelektronische Schaltungen und Systeme IMS, is developing a sensor phantom for the highly accurate measurement of damage to railway lines.

Dipl.-Ing. Roland Schuster

Dipl.-Ing. Roland Schuster (32), as managing director, has assumed a central position in the House of Geoinformation. He is responsible for high-precision measurements in the industry and will expand the field of digitization of business processes at our customers. At the same time he leads the central financial management of the holding.

In order to compensate for the shortage of personnel of the city administration, the contact circle of the Mülheim architects and the Geohaus GbR joined forces to fill this gap for the Mülheim citizen.

Construction consulting in the House of Geoinformation

Fire department in need

Fire protection is becoming more important! These include sufficient access areas, which are to be planned exactly in the building application.

Listed property with a willow tree
Such a situation, as can be seen in the picture, has building law, environmental and monument protection legal references, which cannot be reproduced by using the existing legal regulations for an official site plan for building application. This leads to bloated construction files with many well-intentioned photos and often superfluous reports.


The German Bundestag passed the budget law 2018 on the 5th of July. This includes changes in the awarding of federal real estate by the BImA.

Three Mülheim architects and Dr.-Ing. Hanns-F. Schuster from the Geohaus present the charming idea of living at or even on the Ruhr.