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Since its foundation in 1950 as a small office it was a working-place for geo-information.

The service at that time was directed upon the safety of planning and building in the reliable system of property ownership of the Federal Republic of Germany. We have been the authors of the prototype site plan for building applications for the state of North-Rhine-Westphalia 1979/1985 and for the new states after the reunification in 1994.

With the increasing number of environmental regulations many natural items and commodities became a special protected matter. The property ownership got more complex. The development of planning and building regulations and the evaluation or assessment of real estate became new working fields of GEOHAUS. The need of spatial and time related geo-information grew (MEßbILD Geo- & Umweltinformation GmbH, 1988).

The necessary sensors for long- and short-time measurements became more versatile, the claim for higher accuracy grew louder (MEßbILD Engineering & Control GmbH, 1988).

Worldwide positioning systems like GPS, GLONASS and in future GALILEO enable the users for "location based services LBS". The bridging of time and space (GEOsat GmbH, 1985) was started. Logistics operation like highly complex fleet management of highest standard could be developed. Unawares we grew into the Digitalization of economic processes – shortly Industry 4.0 because of the linking of new sensors and geodetic methods.

The Geohaus Leader: Dr.-Ing. Otmar Schuster, Dr.-Ing Hanns F. Schuster
and Dipl.-Ing. Martina Busch

Some services developed into products (GEOhausGIS, 2000 or Projektsteuerung GEOMETRIE, 2012). The data space geohaus-online.de (2008) shifted the focal point of our work into a process and chain oriented function for coordination.

Our knowhow and our joy in language lead us abroad and brought clients from abroad to us. With the take over of Hansa Luftbild AG (2015) we have the tool to perform spatially bigger work. Airborne sensors and a strong software capacity are at our disposal.

A fruitful arm, which started growing because of our clients is the strategic real estate consulting. Purchasers, Seller, intermediators, planners, public and private clients gain benefit from our knowledge of all processes and facts aroung the property.

GEOhaus was from the beginning a place of innovation for the benefit of its clients. We consider this being our task in future as well. The goal of our work – in the legal sphere as well as in the technical sphere - is directed upon the client’s economic benefit of the tasks assigned in strict conformity with the laws. The owners of GEOHAUS are public appointed and the employees are obliged accordingly (vermessung-schuster.de).