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For the shaping of our environment we need

Information with spatial character,

Since the big societal topics like climate, energy, mobility, sustainability, demography or even societal acceptance get more and more influence in our daily work, all our management, planning, building on plots and also the commerce with real estate has changed a lot. For every investment in real estate there is a need of much more spatial related information – hence geo-information.

Only who knows the amount and variety of geo-information can undertake his investment successfully.

For the purchase of a real estate this means:

Security by Geo–information

For developers and investors this means:

Decisive head–start by Geo-information!

Selling or buying a real estate it means:

Transparency by Geo-information!

And from where do you get the Geo-information?

From the cloud! From the portal www.geohaus-online.de!

And brand new: The living 3D-point-cloud for gaining great insight for every expert!

Alas, we are living in post facto times; You have to protect Yourself against fakes.

Therefore our official results get certified with public credence.

The use of the GEOHAUS–portfolio brings the full added value of comprehensive geo-information to You!


1 3rd Geo-Progress-Report of the German Federal Government, 2017