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LindgensEntrepreneur Kurtludwig Lindgens and his daughter Birte were very content and thanked for the excellent strategic property advice given by the consulting team of GEOHAUS, consisting of auditor Frank Lenz, Assessor Martina Busch and Dr.- Ing. Otmar Schuster. The area sold with 4.2 ha after 150 years of leather production will have now a new non – industrial future. The property – adjacent to the wonderful Ruhr river, will become an ornament for the exiting living place Muelheim an der Ruhr.

It is not yet clear, if the delight about the successful sale is bigger than the swizz about the end of the consulting team. It brought two years of highs and lows, conspiration and diplomacy. Never the group lost the track despite the cans of coffee, tea, cakes, mountains of paper and long sessions. "It was a lot of fun" Frank Lenz resumed and hit with this sentence the nail on the head.