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The new emission of the EU – Commission’s report: “Member States Competitiveness  - Performance and Policies: Reinforcing Competitiveness – Edition 2011” is an impressing report about the competitive position of the member states. It begins with a communication about the overall situation of the EU economy. The diagram shows the production indices of the manufacturing output and the construction output from 1993 to 2011. What is remarkable that is the fact that the construction output did not recover from the trough in 2007.

The commission holds that the whole European economy is in a fragile phase. The Building and Construction Sector will not come up again in a short term. The latest prognose of growth is at about 0,5 % very near to a recession. Behind that number we have a spread between an aging population and a highly productive industry, which is not able to stem the stagnation in other areas.

Despite that the report shows the relatively prominent position of Germany, but in an absolute view that is not consolatory.



On 10 October 2011, GSA and CLGE have started an expert-group to make up a market review for GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System, GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS et al.) in the near and midterm future. The first of two meetings have been  organized in the House of the European Surveyor and GeoInformation (HESGI).


The Photo shows  the CLGE participants and some external colleagues from left to right: Prof. Danko Markovinović, Jean-Yves Pirlot (vice chief of the Abtei ter Cameren Brussels), Justyna Redelkiewicz (European GNSS Supervisory Authority (GSA)), Rudolf Kolbe (pres. of ECCE), Steeve Favre (FDC) and Dr. Otmar Schuster (GEOHAUS & ZENIT).


LindgensEntrepreneur Kurtludwig Lindgens and his daughter Birte were very content and thanked for the excellent strategic property advice given by the consulting team of GEOHAUS, consisting of auditor Frank Lenz, Assessor Martina Busch and Dr.- Ing. Otmar Schuster. The area sold with 4.2 ha after 150 years of leather production will have now a new non – industrial future. The property – adjacent to the wonderful Ruhr river, will become an ornament for the exiting living place Muelheim an der Ruhr.

It is not yet clear, if the delight about the successful sale is bigger than the swizz about the end of the consulting team. It brought two years of highs and lows, conspiration and diplomacy. Never the group lost the track despite the cans of coffee, tea, cakes, mountains of paper and long sessions. "It was a lot of fun" Frank Lenz resumed and hit with this sentence the nail on the head.



Up to now it is not acceptably clear how to install GALILEO technically in a way that it will pay the expenses.

In GEOHAUS a proposal is worked out to use GALILEO for the production of legal coordinates of every real property in Europe. Using this, the financial products become transparent for buyer and broker. The nowadays existing wobbliness of the evaluation will drop using the coordinates as a legal base. On the basis of an institutional regulation over Europe the economic problems of GALILEO can be solved contemporaneously.


10_Jahre_Fraunhofer-inHaus-Zentrum:10 Jahre Fraunhofer-inHaus-Zentrum: Große Jubiläumsfeier

The Fraunhofer Inhaus – Zentrum, under the overall leadership of Klaus Scherer, looked back in April on 10 years of successful work. It was a progress in partnership to report about and an enormous amount of innovations. The vision of integrated and intelligent rooms and buildings with demonstrative added value for the user was the impulse of work over the time.


Dr. Otmar Schuster, chairman of the board of trustees of the Fraunhofer Institute Duisburg:


We may wait for many more innovations from the inHaus over the broad field of the building area in future.


Even Geohaus presented in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Inhaus a small world news:  A sketch for the official protocol of introduction of a new property border with the evidence photos of all demarcations.


The German weather presenter Claudia Kleinert and Manfred – Manny – Breukmann entertained the participants of the celebration with their dialogues. The sports reporter Breukmann was still light and breezy, because the football club Schalke won the match against Inter Milan the day before.


We are all aware of the fact, that cars, mobiles and other technical items get improvements from day to day. So do the products and service products of GEOHAUS. The youngest innovation concerns our siteplans:

We have the well proven products
LPL1 = showing the minimum conditions for legal building applications
LPL2 = a basis for a secure and good planning,
LPL3 = a basis with all utilities and additional topographical items for best planning

The important improvement concerns all three products:
  1.  We make the wobbliness of the property boundary to the neighbour visible. With this new feature you can identify the wobbliness at the first glance on the breadth of the line.
  2. There is also an innovation in the METADATA:
The METADATA show the accuracy of measurements, tap and calculation, but also the accuracy of point identification around the little old house: The point identification relating to the cadastre depend on the map or coordinate basis of the siteplan. In this case here you can see that the building parcel has two accuracies ± 2 cm and ± 20 cm, which means that the borderlines around the parcel stem from two different origins.


  For detailed informations, please  contact: GEOHAUS



Norbert Lessmann, member of the board of directors of the BARMENIA Versicherungen has dressed a wonderful jewel with this building. It shines far over the borders of Wuppertal. The solid, dignified structure of the building fascinates the visitor from far away; entering the building each guest feels its solidity and the good climate under the people working there. The architects of aib, Kai- Uwe Lompa and his team set a sign of beauty and highest quality. All engineers met extreme challenges beginning with the statics to the accuracy of fit of the ensemble. GEOHAUS was pleased about an acclamation of Norbert Lessmann concerning its "project monitoring GEOMETRIE", saying: "They play in a higher ligue!" What he meant was the preservation and the guarantee of the high accuracy over the complicated and long lasting building period.



The climbers in the steel grid on the VELTINS ARENA on Schalke have to be free from giddiness. Additionally they have to concentrate heavily on the point identification of hidden points and the stable clipping during the measurement. The special excitement of the task is given by the need of high accuracy for the hidden points on round steel pipes. But the result shows that the task can be surmounted.



The new Geohaus-Online Portal we heralded After eight successful years with www.geohaus-online.de at the 22nd November 2010 a new decade.

 The new Geohaus-Onlnie has proven and tested workflows but has also significant new features like

  • No restriction for the format of files,
  • Simple sorting due to areas or any trade heading
  • Working groups: reasonable notice to all members in case of any movement of data (news or any files)
  • Practically no restriction in the size of files.
  • Simplified method for Login / Logout.

 Our platform is a success story. More than 1000 clients are using it simultaneously and mange more than 22 Gbyte, daily growing.  This service GEOHAUS provides for free. More than 1000 clients experience daily the advantages:

  • Simultaneousness of all information for all proven users.
  • Completeness of information for all over the internet,
  • Clearness of all workflows and factual coherence,
  • Traceability of all subjects
  • Evidence of use of files in any project
  • Saving paper, plots and mailing expenses.

 Our clients use the platform for most different needs:

  • For the verifiable information of their clients,
  • For small tenders for real estate or services,
  • For the constitution and assistance of working groups for most different topics,
  • For the assistance of big and small projects like development of B-plans under incorporation of investors, planners, public units, even the relevant politicians – mostly in different working groups
  • And many other purposes, such as most comfortable filing cabinet.

 A big developer: With Geohaus-Online we save a whole office!