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15th International Trade Fair for Commercial Property and Investment on 8 - 10 October 2012 in Munich.

exporeal 2012

This year again Geohaus is partner of metropoleruhr at the expo real in Munich. Our team Hanns-F. Schuster, Dr. Otmar Schuster, Martina Busch and Wolfgang Sandner welcomes You at the location metropoleruhr - Mülheim an der Ruhr - B1.330.

National and international assessment methods for real estate is one of the specialist fields of Geohaus.  Service products like the Real Estate Guide Book (Grundstücksdiagnose®) are a high quality base for all phases of the development.


Unsufficient Result of a Stake Out“Stake out” means the transfer of planned geometry into the nature - mostly the building site. Its result contains of a topological sketch and of the nails on the profile board. These nails give the user a picture of an accuracy of about 2 to 3 [mm]. The DIN 18202 Norm mentions a threshold of 20 to 30 [mm] for upcoming discrepancies at the raw building. So nothing can go wrong!? Far wrong! If such discrepancies shall go below this limit, the survey result is not allowed to be bigger than 7 to 10 [mm]. This again means that a shortfall of an accuracy of ± 5 [mm], the most of which is normally needed for the identification accuracy of the points of origin. The “GEOHAUS Stake Out” consists of 22 single steps with a lot of measures to hold off the different risks.


Laser - Tragwagen

Jan Scheider (19) in July has passed his vocational training of three years with a very good result. His instructors in GEOHAUS are proud of this. Jan is the third generation of his family passing such an apprenticeship in GEOHAUS. The professional world of a survey technician or “geomatic” has changed in the last years dramatically. But Jan is well equipped for that.

The photo shows the planning of the first mission of the new carrying wagon for a surveying laser. It has been constructed for the survey of geometry at inaccessible places, actually for the ventilation channels of a theater building.



Dr. Otmar Schuster (Head of the Control Board of ZENIT) Ingrid Hentzschel (NRW. Bank), Dr. Stefan Müllner (PROTAGEN AG), Peter Wolfmeyer, General Manager of ZENIT and Dr. André Schlochtermeier (EU – Office of the BMBF) are very pleased about the positive feedback of the participants.

Last Call for the last Calls – that was the title of a big event organized by ZENIT with 400 guests in the DASA in Dortmund at the 25th june 2012. ZENIT wants to find interested parties from economy and universities for the 10 bn €, which are still open in the FP7 of the European Union. In the EEN – Europe Enterprise Network – partners from whole Europe are available.


Wahlsieger auf der EXPO REAL in München

The Mayor Dagmar Mühlenfeld (Mülheim an der Ruhr) and Klaus Wehling (Oberhausen) presented themselves as poll winners of the local elections of the last month on the booth of Mülheim-Oberhausen in the METROPOLE Ruhr. Both have to fight for majorities in colored city councils, but they both high popularity in the population with an election rate of nearly 50 %. Talks to investors are very important for both. Dagmar Mühlenfeld could even disclose the secrecy about RUHRBANIUM; so there was little time to talk to each other as shown on the foto. GEOHAUS was represented by Martina Busch, Wolfgang Sandner, Hanns-F. Schuster und Dr. Otmar Schuster to touch all business friends on the fair. Following the economical activity there was only little progress in the big projects. Questions of evaluation, real estate diagnosis stood more in the centre of the discussions. New tasks for HANSA LUFTBILD, represented by the management board members Volker Mauritz and Thomas Eckart came up. Summing up: a good result in a phase of low activity of the European economy.


After a long and active professional life, Georg Kronenberg said farewell to go into a merited pension time. But he was asked to stay and support his successor, Lady Twarowska, because nobody else knows the real estates and the people in the diocese so well as him. Thunderous and warm applause showed the reputation of Georg Kronenberg under his guests at the leave-taking reception at the 21st may 2012 in Essen.



Tarek Zein, director of Hansa Luftbild AG in Münster presented the new property cadastre in Addis Ababa supported by Heilu Seifiu, the active project manager from the city of Addis. The project, financed by Ethiopia aroused a lot of interest under the participants and the organisers of the World Bank Conference, because this project  has all qualifications to become a sustainable feature of e-government in Ethiopia, being of interest for the East - African region. It shows contemporary technology and the necessary scalability, which in such projects often is ignored.


From the left: Heilu Seifu, city of Addis Ababa, Tarek Zein, Hansa Luftbild AG, Dr. Klaus Deininger, conference director of the World Bank conference in Washington



Many law suits could be omitted or lead for all interested parties to a better result than the monkey compromise at the court, if the basics of the perpetuation of evidence would have been followed.

A big help for the house builder can be the Sequent Control of Geometry, if it follows a comprehensive systemic model, not jolting from demand to demand. This is the case with the “GEOHAUS Project Management GEOMETRY”.

It is not more expensive than the incoherent surveys from demand to demand, but in this model all measurements are connected and have as a secondary objective the perpetuation of evidence. Result: A big value added for the client of GEOHAUS.


Baustelle ruht


GEOHAUS fielded the growing demand for real estate evaluation by widening capacity and the spread of the portfolio in this field. The Public Appointed Surveyor Hanns F. Schuster, Assessor Martina Busch and Dr. Otmar Schuster are performing the officially certified opinions.
The protfolio consist of market value evaluations, Fly-By-Evaluations, evaluations in the context of due diligence, opinions for the mortgaging often for foreign financial institutes and other questions in that context.
The opinions from GEOHAUS are based on the questionnaire of the Real Estate Guide Book (Grundstücksdiagnose®), so their distinguishing mark is to be comprehensive.

Martina Busch and Hanns-F. Schuster deliberate on a real estate evaluation


Dr. Otmar Schuster bei der 1. Geodaetika in Belgrad45 years after his last visit in Belgrade Dr. Schuster was invited for a speech on the 1st Geodetic Congress in Belgrade.

At that time, 1966, whole Yugoslawia was rejoicing the certainty of its special way to socialism. The hospitality and many discussions are an enjoyable retrospective. Today, the big interest of all guests of the congress was astounding. We felt to be back in the 90ies in Eastern Germany.

The geodetic community in Serbia is still a well formatted society, the societal changes have not yet taken place. That could be seen also in the topic of real estate evaluation. The leading heads seem to tend to the Swedish mass evaluation instead of the democratically based and decentralized German Standardized Market Values system. But this is perhaps a question of transition.