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Land surveyor Reinhard Schaefer

With this month the working life of Reinhard Schäfer in GEOHAUS will come to its end. Since he started his apprenticeship at the 1st April 1965 he climbed up to a team leader. He was all the time an exemplary for many young people, because he demanded first of himself than anyone.


Since 2008 Russia has merged the agencies of Registre, Property Cadastre and Cartography to one unit with 100.000 employees and 6.000 offices. The business processes are reduced to 83 and simplified with regard to content. 60 million parcels and about 72 million buildings, flats, separate rooms are managed in one GIS database.
The goal is to perform a property transaction in 20 days and a mortgage process in one day. It is formidable that even now investors can plan their investments from abroad. So GEOHAUS made two siteplans in the Perm Region and controlled a high rack in the Moskow Region, in a good cooperation with the Russian collegues.


The branch "Strategic Advice for Real Estates" has developed encouragingly. Particularly for our clients it worked profitably:

In the last two years we created for our clients an additional benefit of 12,5 Mio €. The costs were not yet 5 %.

The base of this success is our extensive knowledge of the federal and states regulation in the area of real estates cadastre - ground register – planning – building and evaluation in Germany and partly Europe. In addition we have the feeling for the market.

Starting point of the consulting are our proven service products with fixed content and fixed price.

In case of serious interest we send customer references.


Flugbewegungen über Deutschland (mit freundlicher Genehmigung der DFS)

3 million flights per year have to be controlled over Germany by Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS). The flight routes (blue), the areas of ascent (red) and descent (green) can be clearly identified. Every flight is controlled by two traffic controllers. One of them is in connection with the plane, the other one in connection with the tower. The organization needs and produces geo-information of most different sort.

Dome of the software is produced by the flight experienced Hansa Luftbild AG. Millions of people fly by plane trusting in the security system, unvisibly protected by the DFS.


German Geospatial Data Infrastructure GDI

For 200 years the official cadastral map has been the success model for the public geo-information. This area related evidence was the relevant reference for many public and private management actions. The era of geo-information now provides us with the spatial reference of all elements around us, which we want do impose our own will onto. This is a complex picture of our environment in the web. It presents itself orderly in the geospatial infrastructure (GDI), which is growing fast; but it is not yet so meaningful for the daily work of the population tha the old official cadastral map has been.
Our platform www.geohaus-online.de enables its users to actually make use of the added value of this geodata world. In addition the user can store his own data in Geohaus-Online orderly in the cloud.

FIG Comm 7 Konferenz in Yaoundé vom 22.-25. Oktober 2013

Godé Phanzu Vangu is a good example for the women’s advancement in Congo. At the FIG Coom Conference Mrs. Vangu reported about her career to the leader of the cadastral board and her coping of the everyday life as housewife and mother of two children.

This report as well as two others showed that “Gender” has wonderful fighters in Africa. By ambition, determination and industriousness in their youth they won excellent knowledge, which lead them to their professional success. The discussion showed up, that even the Swedish had not the impression to be completely equally treated in professional questions.


Intergeo Logo

The focus of our presentation is the project "Galil-EU". Geodesy meets automotive and rail engineering.

Other topics are the documentation and transparency in the provision of mobile services for the customer. Focus on solutions are to answer all questions about who, what, when, where, etc.

Visit us at INTERGEO at stand A1.006 in Hall 1

GEOhaus and the city of Muelheim an der Ruhr - 12 Years of good partnership. On the stand of metropoleruhr, Hall B, Stand 330 the GEOhaus-Team Dr. Otmar Schuster, Hanns-F. Schuster, Martina Busch and Wolfgang Sandner are ready to welcome You.
You can expect the following from us: promising investment proposals in Germany, strategic consulting around the properties, advanced service like due diligence, national and international evaluation of real estates, GIF survey, holistic GIS-services and the utilization of sensor systems and telemetry in all movable and logistic sensor areas.


Eigentümerdaten sind Privatsache

The state government NRW directed all cadastral departments and the Public Appointed Survey Engineers to handle personal data like proprietor's address very carefully. In future they are not allowed to be transferred by e-mail any more.
Since years GEOHAUS did not transfer such sensitive personal data per e-mail. Its platform www.geohaus-online.de is the appropriate medium for this precautionary measure, because only such people qualified by a personal password obtain access to the data room.