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German Geospatial Data Infrastructure GDI

For 200 years the official cadastral map has been the success model for the public geo-information. This area related evidence was the relevant reference for many public and private management actions. The era of geo-information now provides us with the spatial reference of all elements around us, which we want do impose our own will onto. This is a complex picture of our environment in the web. It presents itself orderly in the geospatial infrastructure (GDI), which is growing fast; but it is not yet so meaningful for the daily work of the population tha the old official cadastral map has been.
Our platform www.geohaus-online.de enables its users to actually make use of the added value of this geodata world. In addition the user can store his own data in Geohaus-Online orderly in the cloud.

Eigentümerdaten sind Privatsache

The state government NRW directed all cadastral departments and the Public Appointed Survey Engineers to handle personal data like proprietor's address very carefully. In future they are not allowed to be transferred by e-mail any more.
Since years GEOHAUS did not transfer such sensitive personal data per e-mail. Its platform www.geohaus-online.de is the appropriate medium for this precautionary measure, because only such people qualified by a personal password obtain access to the data room.

The topic is well known in Africa having French roots. Geo-information – well shaped – brings transparency in planning activities and strengthens the democratic development. Cameroon has launched an ambitious development program consisting of many investment proposals in several areas of the economy, inter alia a property security system. The Government of Cameroon wants to bring German firms in the country as performers and investors. “Come home to Cameroon!” Minister Touna Mama invited the 40 guests and reminded them of the old German roots.

Touna mama 180713

Minister Touna Mama, accompanied by Fabien Omboudou Ndjina, president of the ordre des Gómètres Experts des Caméroun, took the opportunity to inform himself in terms of geo-information at GEOhaus and Hansa Luftbild in Muenster. Securing of property, mortgaging as a leverage to land development, addresssystem as well as the geo-referencing of the planning data were the topics being discussed. The guests were especially interested in the telematic and logistics developments in GEOhaus. The high rates of accidents forces the Government to try out new ways. The affordable Geobox and the mighty GEOhaus – software as well as green band driving found great attention.


Martina Busch und Ulrike Schwarz: Ein Team für schwere Fälle

The communication for the city council Muelheim an der Ruhr in June 2013 comprises around 1.200 pages. More than 500 pages are filled with the answers to the public’s ideas and suggestions, 14 expert opinions and three public hearings were necessary.

In any case the work of art is a success against the strongest resistance of those people, who saw the decline of the town or at least its suffocation by some 20 new houses. “We are not allowed to make any mistake, neither a technical nor a juridical mistake” says Ass. Busch, “in GEOHAUS we have got a good overview over all details of a B-Plan-development procedure. That is why we can solve the detail question targeted. We have the experience of a series of most complicated procedures to install such legally binding land use plans.

The biggest B-Plan, GEOHAUS has ever developed, were a 900 ha holiday resort, a 65 ha B-Plan for commercial use with heavy industrial backlogs or a 51 ha area for living with a total land consolidation.



80 % of all data are spatial related. And GEOhaus has the right tool for them. No GIS-experts are needed for the use of this software, but people who understand their own job.

GEOhaus and the city of Muelheim an der Ruhr - 12 Years of good partnership. On the stand of metropoleruhr, Hall B, Stand 330 the GEOhaus-Team Dr. Otmar Schuster, Hanns-F. Schuster, Martina Busch and Wolfgang Sandner are ready to welcome You.
You can expect the following from us: promising investment proposals in Germany, strategic consulting around the properties, advanced service like due diligence, national and international evaluation of real estates, GIF survey, holistic GIS-services and the utilization of sensor systems and telemetry in all movable and logistic sensor areas.



In the official publication of the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce (ECACC) volume 1 / 2009 Dr. Otmar Schuster published an article about the “Property Market in Germany”. He describes the special conditions of the real estates market in Germany with the distinctiveness of the German mixture of private and public law. He emphasizes the good chances of secure and durable investments in property in Germany



Tuesday, the 19th may 2009 GEOHAUS acquired the Majority and with that the entrepreneurial leader-ship of the international mapmaker HANSA LUFTBILD AG. The entrepreneurial goal of GEOHAUS, the “House of Geoinformation” is to grow in a size of international standing.

The need of Geoinformation in the economy grows rapidly. But this growth is very specific and characterized by price decline of traditional products and a quickly growing variety of new products. World-wide systems like Google or Microsoft habituate their users to geoinformation. On the other hand the existing map information – with the exception of the cadastral map in many countries – did not succeed to become an instantaneous base of economic decisions. Still nowadays the alphanumeric documents are the most important base of decisions in the economy. GEOHAUS made some important steps for the upgrading of geoinformation as a short way to decisions of decision makers. HANSA LUFTBILD produces manifold high tech products using sensor systems over big areas. Therefore the products of both groups are supplementary to each other. The new entrepreneurial policy shall cross-fertilize the Marketing, sale and distribution as well as the international activities of both.


A group of technicians met in the List – Centre in Wegberg-Wildenrath on april 16 discussing the new project GALIL-EU.  The rail track of RailGate as a topological quasi-invariant of space was the item of interest. The two big test stations RailGate for railroad vehicles and AutomotiveGate for road vehicles will in future become also a scientific place, a test and calibration station for highly accurate geodetic methods and tools.

Von links: Prof. Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Przybilla - Hochschule Bochum, Hanns F. Schuster - GEOhaus, Dr. Carsten Hoelper - AGIT - Aachen, Dr. Hans Bendien  - Itaps z.p.o.o. (Polen), Dr. Uwe Birk - ZENIT, Martin Pölöskey - AGIT -Aachen


Dr. Klaus Deininger, Lead economist of the Worldbank, lead the conference “On Land and Poverty” from april 8 to 11 in Washington to a further high water mark. Four sessions per day in six rooms parallel, each session with 4 – 5 lectures documented breadth and draught of the landmanagement in the developing countries around the world. Hansa Luftbild presented its cadastral project in Addis Ababa, held by Berisso Zerihun (Addis Ababa City) and Tarek Zein (Hansa Luftbild AG).
Dr. Otmar Schuster chaired the session “New Challenges for Land Administration” with the authors: Mogues Tewodaj (International Food Policy Research Institute), Dr. John Bruce (LADSI Inc, USA), Jorge Espinoza (University of Munich) and Prof. Eric Abbot (School of Journalism and Communication, Iowa). Often we have the impression, as if the events happening are stronger than the good will of the majority; but the progress is visible: The scale of responsibility shows upwards, the transparency of all measures, powered by the internet, reduces the role of corruption; the role of the women is more and more important.
What is the contribution of GEOHAUS to the international land management? The combination of technology and law for the development of fully operational real estate markets.
Dr. Klaus Deininger, truly in his element