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The transposition of the SEVESO III Directive in national law often leads in practice to heavy loss of time, disproportionate secrecy and misinvestments. Especially the secrecy, underpinned by a robust framework of data protection may no longer be maintained since the 1st June 2015 on the basis of art. 14 of the direction 2012/18/EU.

In our daily practice we are aware that the upcoming problems can be alleviated either on the operational side or on the public management side. The Real-Estate-Diagnosis® diffuses the tensions of the debate by the overall view of the property characteristics.


Galil-EU Referenzstrecke AGITmbH

The Competence Center has been founded at the 26th march 2015 in Wegberg – Wildenrath on the huge "SIEMENS Prüf- und Validationscenters PCW". Its equal partners are the public business promotion company AGIT GmbH, Aachen and the private GEOSAT GmbH – system house for GNSS, a member of the GEOHAUS Group, Muelheim/Ruhr.
The center stands for the value chain of the business promotion: method next service next service product next industrial product.
It puts at its clients disposal:

  • the dynamic use of GNSS,
  • the railway as a quasi-invariant in space,
  • the gang car as a dynamic platform for the generation of measuring data,
  • virtual data space for the provision of results,
  • the scientific-technical experience of its employees.

The center shall be a cooperation partner for research, economy and government providing a technical and numerical basis and consultation. Independent opinions and solutions for questions coming from Justice, consumer protection will be worked off.

Professor Dr. Eberhard Menzel President of the University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West receives his certificate of discharge from Mrs. Svenja Schulze, minister for innovation, science and research with a lot of accolade. He and Vicepresident Helmut Koestermenke have performed this huge work with a maximum of positive energy.

The university consists now of 3.500 students and 250 teachers. In the beginning there were a lot of "conspirative" meetings in GEOHAUS, which is today closely linked to the university by the lessons of Hanns-F. Schuster concerning building surveying.


Mrs. Svenja Schulze, minister for innovation, science and research, surrenders the certificate of discharge with a lot of accolade to the President of the University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West. Left: Vicepresident Helmut Koestermenke

We congratulate our Hansa Luftbild AG to the new assignment for the development of the National Rural Land Administration (NRLAIS) for Ethiopia.

With this system the land distribution and land policy in the nine federal states shall be unified and adapted to the federal law. The land management shall be reformed, a property cadastre shall be built up and the registration processes for properties will be eased.

Hansa Luftbild has great experience in that country: We made the basics for 2000 km railway, erected the cadastral system as well as the address-system for Addis Ababa.



GEOHAUS – Konsortium und Russische Staats-Universität Novosibirsk bei der Unterzeichnung des „Memorandums of Understanding“

The two-days-conference was held at first on the RailGate in Wegberg showing the new gang car and the 2nd day as an innovation dialogue at ZENIT in Muelheim an der Ruhr with the highwatermark of signing procedure before noon. Prof. Karpik reported descriptively about his university with nearly 10.000 students and its capabilities for international cooperation. He expressed the hope, that it will not be disturbed from outside.
In the afternoon the consortium partners, amplified by the partner Fraunhofer IMS, in three blocks talked about the GNSS technologies, street and rail infrastructure and new applications. Roland Schuster (DLR Göttingen) explained the possibilities of the acoustic and he reported about the activities of DLR Braunschweig in terms of rail – technology.


The GALIL-EU group (Agit GmbH, Aachen, GEOHAUS Mülheim an der Ruhr, Hochschule Bochum and ITAPS, Polen) was pleasantly surprised, getting a nice compliment from Brussels after having finalized the last documents:

„I take the opportunity to thank all parties and the coordinator for their excellent work and the smooth project execution. Best regards HUGO ZUNKER, Policy Officer”

Russische Forscher auf REDUSDr. Maxim Altyntsev und Dr. Andrey Ivanov worked for two weeks in the Competence Center REDUS in Wegberg-Wildenrath together with their colleagues from GEOHAUS and AGIT and invited by the GEOHAUS-Consortium.

New road sign in Addis Ababa

The GEOHAUS daughter Hansa Luftbild AG has created two fully functioning systems for good governance in a good and narrow cooperation with the local authorities: a property cadastre with register and a new address – system for the city. Both systems improve the basis for economy and public management deeply. They mean a huge pace ahead for the town. Because of parallel education and installation the systems can start now without delay.

Verleihung der Ehrensenator WürdeIn recognition of his extraordinary contribution of the German and European "Mittelstand" Dr. Otmar Schuster, president of ZENIT e.V., was appointed to Senator Hon. So he became a member of the European Senate, the main task of which is the selection of personalities for the "ELITE – Mittelstandspreis".
This award is supported by a group of European and German associations for SME's, so the WIR – Eigentümer-Unternehmer, the Union Mittelständischer Unternehmen e.V. and the Bundesverband Deutscher Mittelstand. They represent more than 1 Million SME's and liberal professions. Laureates of the ELITE – Mittelstandspreis have been President Clinton, USA, the Chinese Ministerpresident, Bundeskanzler Dr. Schöder and others.

infoInformation about Elite-Mittelstandspreis

Mayoress Dagmar Muehlenfeld visits the EXPO – booth of the City of Muelheim, Muelheim & Business GmbH, MWB Muelheimer Wohnungsbau eG and GEOHAUS and studies the new GEOHAUS brochure as one of her last official acts after two successful election periods.

GEOHAUS is greatful for 12 years good cooperation. Mrs Mühlenfeld honours the performance of GEOHAUS and is delighted about the entrance of HANSA LUFTBILD AG into the GEOHAUS-Group. This makes Muelheim a little more international as well.